Not so much as a flinch or a whimper

Andrew has braces.  Largely due to his finger sucking habit of yore, his teeth are pretty badly misaligned.  The upper braces went on a few months ago, and in another month or so it will be time for the lower braces to go on.  However, because of a little incident a few year back where his brother threw a seat belt into his face, breaking off two of his lower permanent teeth, there’s not enough of those two teeth left to cement the lower braces to.

For that reason, the root canals and crowns that we knew would have to be done when he’s about 18 have had to be moved forward about eight years (and may possibly have to be re-done when he’s older;  sigh).  Therefore and thusly, this past week (on March 17, 2010) the two-step procedure on teeths #23 and #24 was begun.  He had two root canals done in one sitting.  Next week, we’ll go back for the prosthodontist to insert porcelain posts, sand down the edges, and permanently affix the crowns.  Which are supposed to be strong enough to handle the torque applied by the braces to move the teeth where they need to be.  May it be so.

I used to say that one could buy a car with what has been spent on Andrew’s mouth, but I’m pretty sure we should up that to a cozy starter home in an established neighborhood.  Anyway.

So I had explained to Andrew my understanding (sketchy, and all researched online, as I have no firsthand knowledge – thank God) of what would be involved in a root canal.  I told him he’d be numbed, and that Dr. Petteway would then do these various steps.  He said he was a little nervous and that, “that had better be some strong numbing.”

Frankly, when I am numbed, I always squeeze my buns, grips the armrests and moan softly.  Well, sometimes the volume is turned up slightly, but I don’t actually scream or anything.  I didn’t know what to expect from Andrew.  He asked me to come back and sit with him.  I asked the doc, who said that would be fine, so I sat there with a photography book, trying to smile and be encouraging to Andrew while the doc and his assistant prepared to do things that I was sure would be fairly scary and somewhat painful.

The boy did not utter a peep, did not squirm, did not argue, did not move a muscle.  He just sat there while they numbed him (twice), roto-rooted two teeth, irrigated them, dried the insides of them, packed them, and filled them.  I don’t think it was his favorite way to spend a Wednesday afternoon, but he never complained at all.  I was totally amazed.  I mean, TOTALLY.

I was really proud of Andrew.  May he have an equally impressive repeat performance this Wednesday!


1 Response to “Not so much as a flinch or a whimper”

  1. 1 Katie March 20, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    Wow, I am so proud of Andrew. What a trooper!

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