Ta de wancheng!

I’m sure Jessica will correct me if Google translate didn’t do that title properly.

I am incredibly proud to announce that on Monday, March 8, 2010, Jessica successfully COMPLETED Rosetta Stone Chinese – and the crowd goes wild!  Yes, that would be three years of Mandarin Chinese study, and as the Rodgers and Hammerstein song from “Oklahoma” says, “she’s gone about as far as she can go.”  At least with Rosetta Stone, “the world’s #1 language-learning software,” because it only offers three years of Chinese, and she did them ALL!

Of course, she still converses regularly with her tutor and daily with her dad (sometimes to the frustration of the rest of the family. . . “what are those two talking about anyway?”)  and I assume she will get in plenty of practice while she’s living in Hong Kong later this year.

I just think it’s super nifty that she has voluntarily applied herself to learn the language that 18% of the people on the planet speak!  The US government’s world population clock claims the world’s population on this very day is 6,807,579,922, and far more of them speak Mandarin Chinese than any other language.

1. Chinese (Mandarin)         1,213,000,000   18%
2. Spanish                             329,000,000      5%
3. English                              328,000,000      5%
4. Arabic                                221,000,000      3%
5. Hindi                                 182,000,000       3%
6. Bengali                              181,000,000       3%
7. Portuguese                       178,000,000       3%
8. Russian                             144,000,000       2%
9. Japanese                          122,000,000       2%
10. German                            90,000,000       1%

Way to go, Jessica!!!  Zhuhe!!!

1. Chinese (Mandarin) 1,213,000,000
2. Spanish 329,000,000
3. English 328,000,000
4. Arabic 221,000,000
5. Hindi1 182,000,000
6. Bengali 181,000,000
7. Portuguese 178,000,000
8. Russian 144,000,000
9. Japanese 122,000,000
10. German 90,000,000

1 Response to “Ta de wancheng!”

  1. 1 Jessica March 10, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    I’m not sure what “ta de wancheng” would mean if our tutor translated it but literally it means “her finished.” which I guess is true! 🙂

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