We homeschoolers, even the rigid and inflexible among us, eventually learn to be somewhat flexible.  This is especially true for those of us who live in families where change is constant.

Today, the only day this week that nobody has to go anywhere, I had planned full academic days for the boys in which we would all be maximally productive.  Well, that was the thought.  Then an Odyssey call came.

Our kids and the Brown kids are involved in producing a video to enter in a competition sponsored by Adventures in Odyssey.  It’s quite an ambitious project, requiring many hours of planning, meeting, discussing, filming, editing, and debriefing.  Sometimes they meet at our house, sometimes at the Browns’ house, and sometimes at varying locations about the area.

The deadline for submitting their creation to the contest is fast approaching, and since each of the families has a fairly full and hectic schedule, it’s tough to get all seven kids together at any given place and time.  And then there’s the weather.  It happens to be beautiful this morning, but rain is likely later today and for the two days after that.  Then it’s Thursday (AIM, day shot), and that evening the Browns plus Josiah leave for a four-day service project trip to Tennessee.  All that meant that the shooting that needs to be done out at the lake really needs to be done today, and early today rather than later.

So much for academic planning.

I told them they could go do it, BUT that the boys would HAVE to finish up their schoolwork and chores when they got home, no matter how late they had to work.  I would’ve much preferred them to do their chores and academics first, but since I don’t have control of the weather, I had to relent.

You should’ve seen the scene around here as they were getting ready to leave “as soon as possible.”

Josiah was trying to write an intro to his research paper.  Andrew and I scrambled to finish the history read-aloud and his spelling.  I got some other academics packed for him to do on the road and in down times, with strict instructions that, “if any of this is not completed by the time you get home, you will have 15 minutes of extra Spanish today!”  He got the message.

Jessica flew into the kitchen to start making sandwiches.  The ham that had been on the counter minutes ago has evaporated, so they all had to deal with turkey (and I refused to dry Josiah’s).  I found oranges and crunchies and reminded Andrew to fill his water bottle.

They needed to take the canoe, which would be very easy, thanks to our ACME canoe trailer.  But one of the trailer’s tires was flat.  Jessica and Josiah ran to the shop (for the pump?), but I guess they determined that that tire has a hole in it.  We’ll need to remember to tell Scott about that.  Well then, so much for using the trailer.  The canoe would have to be mounted on top of the van.

Josiah raced out to start work on that, with Jessica joining him for lifting power.  They managed to flop it up there and Josiah secured it with various straps while Jessica tore through the house looking for all the components of the many necessary costumes.  She left here with enough clothes for a baseball team.

It’s quiet here and I anticipate getting a lot of things done while my crew refines its (already significant) video production skills.  Jessica did call to ask how to get to the place they’d be doing the filming.  I hope they found the place and the Browns.

I am learning flexibility from my kids.


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