Christmas in March

Yesterday (Saturday, March 6, 2010) was a truly lovely day that seemed like the first day of spring.  It was warm and sunny, and after Andrew, Jessica, and I finished playing in the National Federation of Music Clubs Festival, we – especially Jessica and I – felt that we needed to do something to celebrate.  I suggested a picnic, and after some amount of planning, lunch-making, packing, and loading, we headed over to Shadow Rock Park in Forsyth.

To say that we were well-supplied would be a gross understatement.  In fact, we had lunch for five complete with numerous dessert selections (we don’t normally have dessert at lunch, but this was, after all, a special occasion), water bottle(s), shades, roller blades, cuppers boards and washers, two bikes, four tennis rackets with balls, no basketball, one camera with extra batteries, and . . . LADDER BALL!

We used all of the above except the cuppers and had a great deal of fun.  It was so nice to be outside, all doing things that we enjoyed, and able to forget for a few hours all the responsibilities that awaited us at home.

Katie had given Scott the ladder ball set at Christmas, and due to the cold, the snow, the crutches, and the pain, it had never been opened.  Yesterday was the day that changed.  It’s an addictive little horseshoe-ish yard game in which one tosses bolos (they look like two golf balls affixed to either end of a foot-long string) which wrap around the crossbars of the ladder ball frame.  The middle of the three rungs is the most difficult to wrap and scores the most points.

Of course, any competitive game appeals to Scott, and if the whole family can play, so much the better.  I will say that 1) it’s harder than it looks, and 2) I managed to be on a team that beat Scott once.  Doing that makes a mere mortal feel like a conquering champion.


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