Is it the tourists or the bridge?

Jessica went to take Andrew to taekwondo this evening and was met by a lengthy traffic jam trying to get over the old Taneycomo bridge.  That could mean tourist season has resumed, but (begin whiny tone of voice) I’m not ready for tourist season yet.  I think we should have two more weeks of relative calm before they all descend on us again.

On the other hand, it could mean that the bridge construction is actually getting under way enough to disrupt traffic.  The proposed plan is to build a second bridge fifty feet away from the existing (crumbling) one, temporarily re-route all traffic onto the new bridge, repair the old bridge, and eventually make each bridge two-way.  Here’s a diagram of what MODot thinks the end result will be.  To me, it looks like a really bad dream, as traffic coming from up East 76 and heading into Branson will have to choose which bridge to use based on its ultimate destination on the far side of the lake.  Who can make those kinds of choice that far in advance?  Certainly not tourists who aren’t familiar with the area.

Hopefully I will be wrong and the new bridge arrangement will be wonderful.  In the meantime, it’s clearly time to go back to going to south to Hollister in order to go north to taekwondo.


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