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I remember that it was the day Oral Roberts died.  That day was significant because the Childs were visiting us.  Neal and Danette are ORU grads and their son, Trae is a freshman there.  We had gotten the news earlier that day (12/15/09) that Dr. Roberts had died.

Getting on toward suppertime, being in the kitchen near the microwave, I bent over to pick up something off the floor and suddenly noticed that my wedding ring was gone.  Hmmm. . . I never take it off, but for the past year or so I have had to hold it on when swimming, or doing dishes, or any number of other things.  The weather was cold and I had been losing some weight over the past six months, so the ring had gotten quite loose.

Historically, I’ve had trouble with rings.  When Scott and I got engaged, my friend, Cathie Dorsch, gave me a diamond ring that she no longer wore.  We used the diamond and had a jeweler melt down the gold to make a new ring for me.  In fact, maybe that gold was enough to make my engagement ring and my wedding band.  I can’t remember, but I do know that for the three rings (Scott’s one and my two) we didn’t have to put out much cash.  Cathie also gave us a vacuum cleaner that we used for over 15 years.  Thank you, Cathie!

One day in the second Birchwood house, we were sitting in the living room (blue carpet) talking with Scott’s folks, and the diamond suddenly popped out of my engagement ring and fell on the floor.  We all dug in the carpet and even used (Cathie’s) vacuum cleaner with a piece of pantyhose rubber-banded over the end of it to try to find the diamond, but we never did.  That was tough, but since I still had the wedding band, I was okay.

Then there were the pregnancies with all their associated weight gain, and during one of them (still in Little Rock), my fingers swelled so much that I had to wrench the ring off or face gangrene.  I don’t know what happened to that ring, but I know that I went many months without wearing one, and I felt naked.  We eventually bought another one at Service Merchandise for the princely sum of $120.

I think that’s the one that fell off a few years ago while Scott and I were walking on Coffee Road.  It later showed up in Josiah’s sock drawer.

The bottom line is that I have ceased being sentimental about wedding rings; I just like to wear one so that strangers will know I’m married.  My friends already know that.

So, when whichever generation ring it was went AWOL in the kitchen last month, I looked all over for it, was pretty frustrated with myself for not holding it on, and did in fact cry a few tears, but by the next day I was over it.  I figured I could live without a ring for a while, and someday we’d buy another one that actually fit.  Although, as I later mentioned to Jessica, considering fluid retention and such, maybe I really need a winter ring and summer ring. . .

The ring disappeared on December 15, and on December 19 Scott had a serious ski accident from which he is not yet fully recovered and which could – but hopefully won’t – cost us several arms and legs by the time all is said and done.  Imagine my surprise then, when (after we had agreed that we wouldn’t give each other gifts for Christmas) Scott gave me a card on Christmas morning saying he would buy me a replacement wedding ring.  Wow!

I have hesitated, mainly because we haven’t yet paid the ski accident bills and we don’t even know how much they will all be.  (Note: There are MANY health-care-providing entities there are in Summit County, Colorado, and every one of them claims to have done something to, for, or in relation to Scott!)  But on Saturday, Scott told me we were going to go buy a ring, and go we did.  To the local Zale’s outlet, where we bought a lovely white gold ring that was 40% off due to some sale or the other, and then, in order to save an additional 10%, we opened a Zale’s account.

This is almost a joke.  I am NOT into jewelry, and I will NEVER use my Zale’s account, but 10% is 10%, so we did it.  We will pay the bill (which is sure to be MUCH less than the ambulance, the critical care physicians, the surgical hip reduction, the “moderate sedation >5,” and the four CT scans) when it comes, and then we will promptly cancel the Zale’s account.

Which reminds of what Scott did with the Christmas tree.  We have always had a real tree, which Scott shops for with the kids.  We normally buy our tree a week or ten days before Christmas.  This works well, because we’d like it to  still look good for our second Christmas with my parents, which depending on how the days fall, can be as late as December 29 or so. An added benefit of delayed selection is that the prices tend to be lower.

However, this year, due to a number of situations, we had to get our tree rather early.  Scott took Jessica and Andrew to Home Depot, where they found a nice tree and picked up some other unrelated items.  The total bill came to about $50, but Scott was told that Home Depot would knock $25 off the bill if he opened a Home Depot account,  and that explains why we got a Home Depot bill the other day (along with a small collection of medical bills), when I didn’t even know we HAD a Home Depot account.  Actually, we won’t have it much longer, because Scott paid the bill and will cancel the account as soon as he gets the next statement with a zero balance.

Only my let’s-work-the-system-to-our-advantage husband would open a store charge account to buy a Christmas tree.  Or a wedding ring.   = )


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