To make me smile

It’s been a unique Christmas season around here, and I hope to soon blog about some of it, but today I had yet another very sweet reminder of how much God must love me.

This morning, Scott left in the van, (driving for the first time in three weeks, following his ski accident) to take Katie to the airport and go on to work.  It’s always challenging when Katie leaves, but this time I was able to see her off without crying – a major accomplishment!  Then, given all the various oddities of recent weeks, I was big-time blessed to walk back into the house and see that my red verbena is BLOOMING!  In January!!!

It had hung on the porch for most of the summer, blooming every few weeks.  When the weather turned cold, I brought it in and plunked it on top of the plant stand in the living room, not knowing if it was even possible to keep it alive indoors over winter.  It has gotten very leggy, with some stems about a foot long, and today there are a bunch of lovely red flowers at the end of one of the stems!

I’d better go take a picture.  = )


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