I worked before I played, honest!

This weekend AIM headquarters hosted its annual (?) Midwest Leadership Camp.  Including the 25 or so local folks, I think there were close to 100 in attendance for the three days.  The meetings and training sessions were held at the Salvation Army Church, but sleeping was done in other localities.  I have heard that some 30 guys, including Josiah, slept (or at least spent the night) at the Discipleship Focus Camp near Silver Dollar City, and the girls were housed in various homes about the area.

Friday and Saturday nights we hosted seven friendly, cheerful, polite, helpful young ladies (three from Pennsylvania, four from Wyoming).  The Pennsylvania contingent left Sunday evening as soon as the camp was over, so last night we had only four.

Before and during the weekend, I was planning and prepping meals with a vengeance, and in honor of that, we will have leftovers tonight.  Thankfully, that means that I have not had to spend even one minute thinking about or cooking supper today, which has carved out some extra time for me.  To tell the truth, it didn’t carve out as much time as I have taken, but I will play catch-up this evening. . . maybe. . . or maybe not.    = )

I have spent way too much time today playing with Flickr, and for those who care, I have added a bunch more of the Colorado pics, titled all the pics (except the infamous monga-set of LOST PICS), added pics to existing sets, and created a few new sets.

No, I haven’t gotten much else done today.

Yes, I have a pile of schoolwork to check, but schoolwork I will have with me always (or at least for the next eight years), right?  So, I changed our sheets, cleaned our bathroom, did the breakfast cleanup, helped Andrew with his math, practiced the piano, and then I combined my two recreational loves of  organization and photography and HAD SOME FLICKR FUN!


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