Chance glance

I was invited to speak at our church’s MOPS meeting Thursday evening.  Thursday afternoon was pretty full, and I arrived home at 4:50 PM from taking Andrew to the doctor and the gym and needing to change clothes, collect my stuff, rendezvous with Jessica, eat supper, and leave preferably no later than 5:10 PM.  That would explain why I was standing at the kitchen counter while I scarfed a small plate of leftover Tex-Mex salad and some cold cheese dip and chips.  While crunching and munching, I just happened to glance out the back window, and guess what I saw on the ground near the bird feeder . . . ?

No, it wasn’t the red-winged blackbird.  He and his brother were up at the feeder.

No, it wasn’t the mourning dove, although he was pecking around at the base of the feeder.

No, it wasn’t even the baby bunny, who comes out several times a day to nibble grass between the smokehouse and the bird feeder.  He was out, too, and he’s SO TERRIBLY CUTE, which is why I almost failed to see the. . .

TWO brilliant blue indigo buntings, side by side in the long and shaggy grass of our very own backyard!  Wow!  They are the MOST beautiful birds, and I wish they had hung around longer.  As it was, I glanced up, saw them, watched them for 8.74 seconds, blinked, and they were gone.  What a wonderful chance glance.


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