Turkey in your tote bag

Today was the day we picked up our new van!  This brings our total vehicular count back up to six:  three vans and three cars for a mere four drivers.  = )  However, we plan to give and/or sell the two extraneous vans soon, which would put us back at two cars and a van at home, plus one car with Katie at college.

In order to procure the new van, we had to go to Ozark, where it was being serviced and inspected at Economy Tire, which would close at 5:00 PM.  We go through Ozark on our way to church in Springfield – Ozark being at about the halfway point – so that would have been no big deal.  We planned to leave home at 3:30, get the new van out of hock, take it to the Wal-Mart parking lot in Ozark, and go on to Springfield, where we would shop at Sam’s, shop at Aldi, go to the library, eat supper at Arby’s, and go to church.  After church, we’d retrieve the new van on the way home.

However, when I called at 3:00 to see if the van was ready, it was not, and it either would or would not be ready by 5:00.  They’d call me.  So we left at 3:30 as planned.  Now IF Economy called while we were on the road in Springfield, we’d have to leave town by 4:40 at the latest in order to get back to Ozark to pick up the van by 5:00.  You see, if we left it till Thursday, Jessica and I would have to go get it then, and neither of us really has time on Thursday to do that.  We much prefer to cram all our running into Wednesday.

All of that meant that we needed to do our Sam’s and Aldi very quickly, lest Economy should call.

Sam’s was short and sweet; just sausage biscuits and Swiss cheese.  The kids ran and got the groceries while I stood around, was beautiful, and wrote the check.

Arriving at Aldi at 4:25, Jessica and I planned to run in and get out fast.  But neither of us had a quarter!  Years ago, I used to keep a bit of change in the van’s nifty coin holders, but someone whose name starts with A and ends with W used to steal them.  Hence, no loose change in the van, and though  I had bills in my wallet I was changeless.  Neither Josiah nor Andrew had a quarter, either.  You see, at Aldi, the carts are stored kind of like luggage carts are in some airports.  You have to have a quarter to get a cart unchained, and then when you put it back, you get a quarter back.

We looked at each other and wondered how on earth we’d carry all our Aldi through the store and back out to the van without a cart.  But Jessica, ever Miss Resourcefulness, dumped all her books and papers out of her navy blue tote bag and said, “We can use this!”  Well, there certainly wasn’t anything else to use, so we ran in.  Her tote bag is maybe 12″ wide by 14″ tall by 4″ deep.  We needed about four flats of canned goods and ten pounds of ground turkey!

We stacked our canned goods on a closed checkout belt and Jessica took the tote bag over to frozen meat.  As we reconvened at the checkout and she dumped the one-pound rolls of turkey onto the belt, I said, “Turkey in your tote bag!”  And she said, “THAT’S a blog title!

Economy called as we were checking out.  We managed to haul all the groceries out to the van, we got back to Ozark at 4:55, we paid for and abandoned the new van, we went to the library, we met Scott at Arby’s for a quick supper, we got to church, we picked up the new van, and Jessica drove it home – plateless and without being stopped by the cop in the ditch just north of Highlandville.  Whew!


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