Moving forward

It appears that my recent hard drive reformat has resulted in the loss of most things from August 2007 to the present (February 2009).  That would be a year and a half of my life.  A year and a half of pictures (although thankfully I had managed to get some of those stored online).  A year and a half of school records.  A year and a half of ministry paperwork.  There aren’t a lot of silver linings, but one is that our family financials and our ministry financials were not stored in “My Documents” and were therefore not backed up with the dreaded Windows Backup Utility.  They both seem to be fine.

I will be fine, too.  I am quite tired of crying and being angry and frustrated.  Today Mr. A came to “finish the bathroom.”  It’s not done.  He’s coming tomorrow.  I am pretty sure it will be done before I turn 50.  That’s my new deadline.  If the bathroom is not done by then, I give myself permission to be angry and frustrated!

Today is Josiah’s birthday.  He’s 15, which means I will soon force him to get his learner’s permit and start driving.  It looks like he will learn to drive in a 2001 Mazda MPV!  It will be our youngest vehicle at only eight years old and sporting only 90-some thousand miles.  It is considerably smaller than our previous vans (the back seat offers Asian seating, which means that four average Asian males can fit comfortably on that seat – OR two pre-adolescent Americans can sit there if they first fold themselves in thirds and insert their knees in their ears), but we think it will be workable.  It will soon have a trailer hitch, as well.

We are all moving forward!


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