Beware the self-corrupting .bkf file!

First, the carpet is in and looks great.

Second, the bathroom is not done yet, but Mr. A will be here tomorrow to continue working.  So far, we’ve invested about 175% of the original estimated cost.

Third, the red van recently took to stranding Scott as well as me, so we are now in the process of buying a new van.

Fourth, my computer has been reformatted.  This should have been fairly straightforward, because I back up my files religiously.  Our whole family shares the external backup drive so it stays pretty full, and I have to keep dropping off my oldest backups.  I usually have three or four on there at any given time.  I did another backup right before wiping off my hard drive.  BUT, when we went to restore my files, it seems that ALL of my backups were corrupt.  For a significant fee, we were able to recover some of the files, but the critical (to me) stuff like most of my pictures and everything pertaining to the kids – including almost two years of school records – seem at this point to be lost for good.

Fifth, we rearranged our bedroom, and we think we like it, but we need to get a smaller bed.  We’re discussing the possibility of downsizing from a king to a queen.  Being in desperate need of a new mattress, we hope to come to an agreement sooner than later.

And just in case anyone missed it, NEVER USE THE WINDOWS BACKUP UTILTY TO BACK UP YOUR FILES – unless, of course you do it only for recreation and will never need to restore them.  = )


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