Fashion tomatoes

So I planted the tomatoes and flower seeds a week after the average date of last frost, when it was 75 and sunny, and the 10-day forecast showed nothing below mid-40s.

Tonight there is a widespread freeze warning for lands to our north and a widespread “hard frost” warning for lands to our south.  We straddle the line betwixt the two.  What’s a gardener to do?

The old bedsheet that I usually have on hand to cover plants has gone AWOL, so I pulled out all the beach towels and used them.  Each whiskey barrel is ceremoniously draped with its own colorful towel (not unlike a coffin, and that’s probably apropos, as all but two of the tomato plants seem to have gone to their reward, compliments of our most recent deluge), the mailbox bed sports three mismatched towels, nicely overlapped, and the big bed has only one beach towel but is tastefully accessorized with two upended Tupperwares, each covering one of my beloved trailing verbenas – kind of like pheasant under glass.

A couple mornings ago, there was clear evidence of critters having visited the big bed overnight.  (Can’t blame ’em; I visit a big bed EVERY night.)  I wonder what the armadillos will think of the new decor?

The frost/freeze warnings expire at 9:00 AM.  Until then, all the folks going to work will have something – ummm – dazzling(?) to brighten their morning as they zip by.


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