I went to Lowe’s

These are words that probably cause heart palpitations for my husband.  I really like Lowe’s, and you will soon be able to tell by our VISA charges.  Actually, it wasn’t all that bad.  It’s spring, and I am READY to do some gardening tasks.  While I have accumulated some of the necessary supplies here, a trips to Lowe’s was in order.

It would be nicer if Lowe’s were a little less than 12 miles from home.  However, living where we do, everything is at least seven miles away.  A Home Depot went in at Branson Hills Parkway, and that’s only eight miles, but I just do not like Home Depot nearly as much as Lowe’s.

When we lived in Little Rock, we fought a monumental battle with Planning and Zoning to prevent a Lowe’s from going in against our back property line.  Instead, it became a Best Buy, and all things considered, I’d probably rather had Lowe’s.

I gave a lot of thought and planning to my purchases today.  There are three distinct projects underway in our yard.

First, I want to enlarge the flower bed around the tree in the front yard.  This required additional terra cotta looking edging stone stuff, and more garden soil.

Second, I am enlarging the mailbox flower bed and putting a firm front edge on it.  Some of the garden soil will go for that, and I bought some nice little $0.38 pavement stones that will run right along the pavement.  Right now the soil of the bed just runs flush with the pavement, and that means lots of little bits of gravel and miscellaneous gradu are thrown into the bed.  For the curved side, I am using more stones from our property.  We have no lack of stones.  This morning I pulled quite a few out of the drainage ditch, but I don’t have enough yet.  I must make it a priority to get the rest out before the poison ivy starts growing in the ditch.

Third, I will plant tomatoes in our barrels again, and for that I needed potting soil and $3.48 worth of tomatoes.

To top it all off (literally) I bought a bag of mulch.  I think it will take about five more bags of mulch to do the whole job, but I want to sell Scott on how nice it looks first.


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