No, I don’t claim to be green in any sense of the word. My dad says it isn’t easy being green. Actually, out here in the sticks, we don’t recycle anything. BUT, I had a brilliant idea the other day and it’s actually working pretty well.

I could say a lot of funny things about the playroom, but I need to get the Saucy Cheesy Bake in the oven, so those historical (and possibly hysterical) comments will either wait till another day or never be said. What you really need to know about the playroom is that it is filled with air – and a lot of other stuff – and that that air can wax humid. Some months ago, Scott bought a dehumidifier to take care of that problem. Th dehumidifier has to be emptied twice a week. Maybe more often in the summer.

We have been running a vaporizer in our bedroom all winter. It keeps Scott from having asthma problems and me from having skin problems. It uses about 1.5 gallons of water per night. Buying, hauling, and storing that much distilled water is a pain. We use tap water. Our tap water is so calcium-ridden that it can be sliced. We like it that way.

I have to disassemble the vaporizer each week and vinegar soak all the parts. It takes a whole day and it’s tedious. It’s a pain.

We iron men’s clothes. The iron calls for tap water, but we have to use distilled water because the vinegar soaking the iron is a pain, and even after you do it, the iron still spits little white pebbles onto the clothes.

One day I found myself walking around with a light bulb suspended from a skyhook over my head. “Hey, Josiah. Next time you empty the dehumidifier, instead of pitching the water out the back door, pour it into this empty milk jug.” We buy six or seven gallons of milk a week, so there is always a superfluity of jugs around.

We ran the “air water” through the vaporizer and, lo and behold, NO CALCIUM BUILD-UP! We ran the “air water” through the iron, and lo and behold, NO WHITE PEBBLES on Scott’s shirt collars!

So, we don’t recycle plastic or cardboard or glass, but now we do recycle a little bit of humidity.

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