Gmail is the way to go!

I have spent HOURS – many, many HOURS – wrangling with email issues over the past ten days; at a time when having my email work well is really important. With no computer tech person to assist me, I have worked my way through to converting my whole email system to Gmail, and it works wonderfully. I am so very pleased.

And in other family news:

1. Jessica made it to the AIM leadership camp on her own just fine.

2. Josiah attended the annual BSA Merit Badge University at C of O and earned his Animal Science Merit Badge, with a strong emphasis on cows. Just ask him about a cow.

3. The living room woodwork paint that was damaged by the carpet lay-ers has been successfully touched up, and the carpet company paid for it.

4. Katie’s first book has been mailed off (with fear and trembling?) to a company to see if they’d like to publish it.

5. Josiah turned 14 and enjoyed Breakfast Casserole and biscuits for breakfast, lunch with friends at The Olive Garden, and a fine dessert of Chainsaw Bars at home.

6. Katie has been accepted to two colleges and offered a half-tuition scholarship at one of them.

7. Katie’s essay in the NRA contest won second place in the nation (out of 700 submissions) and will net her a $500 savings bond.

8. Jessica finished her Sonlight Core 100 (American History in Depth) and her Geometry course, with an A in each one.

9. Andrew’s behavior officially been 85% good over the past 5 days.

10. I really like Gmail.

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