You can be in the top .2% and not be judged the best

We should be glad, but I think we are all somewhat disappointed.  For the second year, Katie entered an audio essay in the VFW’s “Voice of Democracy” contest.  Last year’s topic was “Freedom’s Challenge,” and Katie’s essay placed first in the post, first in the district, and second in the state, with over 1400 entries state-wide.  Although she was away on a mission trip and unable to attend the state banquet last year, she netted a very nice chunk of change for her winnings at three levels.

This year’s topic was “My Role in Honoring America’s Veterans.”  If anything, her essay this year was even better than last’s, and she again took first in the post and first in the district.  The banquet is a black tie affair, and she borrowed a prom dress and was escorted by her dad.  Unfortunately, there must’ve been some big hairy mistake, because after they announced the seven 6th place winners, they called out Katie’s name as one of the two fifth place winners!!!  AAAARGH!  Every was shocked and slightly embarrassed, and it wasn’t at the sight of our lovely daughter in her gown!

Now, to put things in perspective, it must be noted that there were over 2000 entries statewide this year, and having one’s  work judged as 5th out of 2000 is no shabby accomplishment.  There was a moderate cash award, and as I encouraged Katie, “at least you didn’t buy a dress!”

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