Great balls of mud!

I think I mentioned the igloo.  It was about seven feet high and totally glorious.  The construction was an exercise in geometry.  Many, many large (2 foot diameter?) balls of snow were stacked in a rough cone shape, with a board providing some roof support over the door.  I’m guessing there were maybe 20-25 huge snowballs involved, and we all know how one makes huge snowballs:  you start with a handful of packed snow, and roll it all over the yard to make it bigger and bigger and bigger.  Of course, as you roll the ball around, it picks up dirt and leaves, but this is of no consequence. There’s always a bit of dirt visible on a large snowball, but white will certainly be the predominant color.

Until the sun comes out.  Which it did the very next day.

Snowmen (and igloos) don’t melt suddenly into a pool of water.  They very gradually soak themselves into the ground, and as they go away, what remains boasts a progressively higher and higher ratio of dirt to snow.  This morning, two-and-a-half sunny days post-construction, I looked out the window and saw in the middle of our brown, snowless, grassy backyard, a hulking structure seemingly composed of. . . great balls of mud!

The contrast from the original gives new meaning to the phrase, “washed me white as snow.”

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